The dental unit specifically designed for orthodontics. Duke is a practical and high performing unit for both right and left-handed operators, thanks to its outstanding mobility. Free Standing & compact dimensions.


High standard quality of the materials:

  • Aluminium Casting - Metal Sheet using for the chair.
  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Porcelain using for the dentist and assitant elements.
  • Connections into chair basement.
  • Floor standing patient chair.

The Dental Unit is an electrical pneumatic treatment unit equiped with:

  • Delivery System in ceramic and 4 holders Instruments (Syringe + 3 dynamic instruments), hanging hoses system type CONTINENTAL;
  • The Element is connecting on chair basement by an articulated arm, swivel 270°;
  • Informations about instruments usage LED showed on the keyboard;
  • assistant call or door opener;
  • on\off lamp command (can be enabled automatic control);

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